…the end

Hi lovelies,

You might have noticed I have been missing for quite some time. …

2020 has definitely been a crazy year so far. In the middle of all this craziness life got a bit much too. I have had to adjust and find a new normal. Unfortunately that means that it is time to say goodbye to this little spot of mine.

I had so many incredible years of sharing my nail swatches and nail art. I have made incredible friends and met amazing people. I have loved every single minute and appreciate all the support and love so much. I am so grateful that I had this spot to share and create. I learnt so much about myself. Thank you so much for all the love and support I have gotten over the years.

It’s time to say goodbye. I don’t know if it is goodbye for ever but it is definitely goodbye for now. I will miss this but I need some time.

I am also going to be destashing my huge collection. I am still considering what to keep (if anything at all) but for now a huge part of it has to go. If you are in South Africa and you’re after some polish or supplies please feel free to take a look.

~Stash shale ~

There is a quite a bit on hold and some already sold. I will keep the list updated and as current as possible. I will also gradually start removing the sold items. It will be first come first served and I will only put items on ‘hold’ to confirm a purchase. You can email or reach me on any of my social media platforms if you are interested. If you want something that is ‘On hold’ let me know too so I can tell you first if / when it becomes available.

Also, the shop will continue as is.

Thank you again. For all the love and memories. For now…….it’s goodbye


  1. Tracy

    Oh Michelle. I’m sad to see you go but completely understand. I wish you all the best for whatever the future may bring xx

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