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Bobbing for baubles Boom boom room
Essie - Bobbing for baubles Essie - Boom boom room
 Butler please Designated DJ
Essie - Butler please Essie - Designated DJ
DJ play that song I’m addicted
Essie - DJ play that song Essie - I'm addicted
In stitches Ladylike
Essie - In stitches Essie - Ladylike
Leggy Legend Merino cool
Essie - Leggy legend Essie - Merino cool
Mint candy apple Mod square
Essie - Mint candy apple Essie - Mod square
Navigate her Satin sister
Essie - Navigate her Essie - Satin sister
Steel-ing the scene Tart deco
Essie - Steel-ing the scene Essie - Tart deco