1. Whoooo! Thank you fro the Lemon Fuel comparison M! Think I might just get Unicorn now! Also loving the Zoya and LA Girl comparison! Loving that a cheaper brand can also make such a kick-ass effect! Both are beautiful!
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  2. I like both yellows, the one is a bit more subtle but I would probably buy both because they’re still different in their own ways. Plus, like you said… Unicorn, who doesn’t want something called ‘Unicorn’?!

    As for the Godiva – OMG, I have been lusting after this polish for so long. I need to get my butt into hear and get it! I personally don’t like texture polishes that are too gritty – the Sally Hansen ones are horrible!

    Great comparison!

    • Thanks Luzanne, yes who doesn’t want ‘Unicorn’? 😛 I do agree, I think they are a little different which means depending on the look, one of them will be perfect.

      Godiva is beautiful! I must say the L.A Girl one is close call! I don’t mind the gritty texture as such but it mustn’t look like plastered wall. Which is what the Sally Hansen one looks like. ( I also think the brand is way overpriced here etc) I like the L.A Girl textures because the grit is a little finer than the ‘concrete’ sally’s and the formula doesn’t seem as thick. The Pixie textures are actually quite gritty even though the grit is fine. (does that even make sense :P)

  3. Just a pity Tip Top Lemon Fuel is now discontinued. The Zoya and La Girl matches pretty good in the photos too. If you don’t look carefully you wouldn’t even notice the difference.
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  4. How did the shaving go?
    I second your statement of lemon fuel being easy to use especially seeing as it is 1. Yellow and 2. A pastel. If anyone reads this, YES MICHELLE IS RIGHT PEOPLE! GOT IT 😛

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