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Amazon….Amazoff Como se Llama?
OPI - Amazon...amazoff OPI - Como se Llama?
Do you have this colour in Stock-holm? Don’t toot my flute
OPI - Do you have this colour in stock-holm OPI - Don't toot my flute
DS Extravagance Gargantuan green grape (matte)
OPI - DS Extravagance OPI - Gargantuan green grape (matte)
Grandma kissed a gaucho I don’t give a Rotterdam
OPI - Grandma kissed a gaucho OPI - I don't give a rotterdam
I just can’t cope-acabana I love you just be-cusco
OPI - I just can't cope-acabana OPI - I love you just be-cusco
If you moust you moust Kiss me I’m Brazilian
OPI - If you moust you muost OPI - Kiss me I'm Brazilian
Live.Love.Carnaval Love.Angel.Music.Baby
OPI - Live.love.carnaval OPI - Love.Angel.Music.Baby
Meet my ‘decorator’ Miss Piggy’s big number
OPI - Meet my 'decorator' OPI - Miss Piggy's big number
One Heckla of a color Push and shove
OPI - One Heckla of a color OPI - Push and shove
Suzi takes the wheel Taupe-less Beach
OPI - Suzi takes the wheel OPI - Taupe-less beach
The colour of Minnie Tiffany case
OPI - the color of minnie OPI - Tiffany case
Toucan do it if you try Vant to bite my neck
OPI - Toucan do it if you try OPI - Vant to bite my neck?
Where did Suzi’s mango? Yoga-ta get this blue!
OPI - Where did Suzi's man-go? OPI - Yoga-ta get this blue!
You’re such a Budapest
OPI - You're such a BudaPest