OPI swatches A – M

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4 in the morning Amazon…Amazoff
OPI - 4 in the morning OPI - Amazon..Amazoff
Black cherry chutney Danny & Sandy 4 ever
OPI - Black cherry chutney OPI - Danny & Sandy 4 ever
Do you have this color in Stockholm? Don’t pretzel my buttons
OPI - Do you have this color in Stockholm? OPI - Don't pretzel my buttons
DS Classic DS Extravagance
OPI - DS Classic OPI - DS Extravangance
DS Reserve Flip flops & crop tops
OPI - DS Reserve OPI - Flip flops & crop tops
Funny Bunny Gargantuan green grape (matte)
OPI - Funny bunny OPI - Gargantuan green grape (matte)
Humidi-tea I’m Brazil nuts over you  – Liquid sand
OPI - Humidi-Tea OPI - I'm Brazil nuts over you
If you moust you moust Live.Love.Carnaval
OPI - If you moust you moust OPI - Live.Love.Carnaval
 Love.Angel.Music.Baby Miss Piggy’s big number
OPI - love.angel.music.baby OPI - Miss Piggy's big number