Essence swatches H – M

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Happy end Happy nails
Essence - Happy end Essence - Happy nails
Heatwave Hello holo
Essence - Heatwave Essence - Hello holo
Hey, love Holo love
Essence - Hey, love! Essence - Holo love
Holo me crazy Holo rocks
Essence - Holo me crazy Essence - Holo rocks
Holo-maniac Hot red chilli
Essence - Holo maniac Essence - Hot red chili
I <3 my blue jeans I <3 rainy days
Essence - I <3 my blue jeans Essence - I <3 rainy days
I care for you I don’t need money, honey!
Essence - I care for you Essence - I don't need money, Honey!
I don’t care, I love it I have my pocket full of sunshine
Essence - I don't care! I love it! Essence - I have my pocket full of sunshine
I love my golden pumps (Over purple with purpose I love you cherry much
Essence - I love my golden pumps (Over purple with purpose) Essence - Juice it trend collection
I still believe in santa claus I’m cool with it
Essence - I still believe in santa claus Essence - I'm cool with it
Ice cream party Iced, The
Essence - Ice cream party essence-the-iced
Icy princess Instant happiness
Essence - Icy princess Essence - Instant happiness
Instant match Instant party
Essence - Instant match Essence - Instant party
Instant summer Intergalactic adventure
Essence - Instant summer Essence - Intergalactic adventure
It’s my party Jeans on!
Essence - It's my party Essence - Jeans on!
Keep calm & go for a walk Kiss me Freddy
Essence - Keep calm and go for a walk in transition Essence - Kiss me freddy
Kiss the freaky frog L.O.V.E blah blah blah
Essence - Kiss the freaky frog Essence - L.O.V.E blah blah blah
Lady mermaid Lean on me
Essence - Lady mermaid Essence - Lean on me
Let’s get lost Let’s take an elfie
Essence - Let's get lost Essence - Let's take an elfie
Live. Love. Laugh! Love is in the air
Essence - Live, love, laugh! Essence - Love is in the air
Love is in the air – Don’t breathe Loyal royal
Essence - Love is in the air - Don't breathe Essence - Loyal royal
#Lucky Made for sunny days
Essence - #Lucky Essence - Made for sunny days
Masked ball, The Meet me under the mistletoe
Essence - The masked ball 2 Essence - Meet me under the mistletoe
Meet my pumpkin Midnight sky
Essence - Meet my pumpkin in transition Essence - Midnight sky
Miracle stone Miss Navy
Essence - Miracle stone Essence - Miss Navy
More than a feeling Mrs brightside
Essence - More than a feeling Essence - Mrs Brightside
My hula hoop
Essence - My hula hoop