1. I’ve got space glam and I LOVE it (got it on my fingers right now)! On me a get a full shift from purple-pink to copper/rose gold to a pale champagne gold, but it has been hot and super sunny here so maybe it’s the natural light?? Would love to try the holo polishes next

    • Ah thank you so much for the feedback! I definitely think they’re all beautiful and I need to wear space glam in the sun again. The holos are gorgeous. The silver is stunning and I think sheer enough to use as a holo topcoat but the pink is glorious!

  2. Renita

    I was so excited about this range! But then i saw swatches and wasn’t blown away. I ordered 1000 light years away already but i think i may have to get we will Spock you as well. Thank you for the quick swatches ?

    • I feel you. Some of them I feel I have seen from Essence before and some were a bit underwhelming. All still gorgeous though. The 1000 light years away and the holos are absolutely must buys.

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