1. coconut oil is great – it really does have so many added benefits. I on the other hand love the smell, but I have never used the Clicks version.

    When my boy got burnt last year the Pead Surgeon put us onto coconut oil to rub into his scars every night and honestly, there is such a huge difference if you had to do a before and after coconut oil.

    I also use it on my hair, nails, cuticles, body and lips – havent tried my face yet but thats because I already have my regular face routine 🙂
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    • Lauren that is so amazing to hear. My husband burnt his hand on the braai last night (yes, I know nothing compared to your boy’s burns) but I remembered your comment and I rubbed some on. A while later he mentioned it wasn’t even hurting anymore. Now I can add another use to my list 😉

      I also have an existing face routine. As I mentioned I don’t use it instead of but in conjunction with my regular face routine. It really helps with a blast of moisture every now and then.

  2. I grew up with using it in our hair. My mom has always used it like a masque almost.
    I’m going to try your method on my Sunday nights. Do u just take a dollop and rub in or what? Or must I braid first then rub in?
    Smell has never bothered me because I love the smell of coconut but the clicks coconut oil that you have, we have too and that doesn’t really have much of a smell I feel.

    Once I had coconut water, OMG was so yummy!!! I miss the chinese store as it was so good :)~
    It is obvious I like coconut?!

  3. Gabi

    I hvnt used coconut oil bt am intending,I hv hrd so mch abt it cn I also use it 2 remove pimples,strtch mark & dark sports

  4. Nel

    I totally enjoyed reading this! from top to end. Every word I read kept me wanting to read and read up to infinity (wish this post was endless.) 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing about coconut oil. I heard people talking and talking non-stop about it that it does wonders, so i decided to get one for myself from Clicks, and when I googled online its uses I bumped into this post well I knew I was at the right place. I’m gonna use it on my super dry face, that now its the time of an annoying cold weather I surely gonna use it religiously!

    I thought i was gonna enjoy the smell of the coconut but I couldn’t smell any whiff of it(such a turn off!)


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