Essence I – Q

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I don’t need money, honey I still believe in santa claus
Essence - I don't need money, honey Essence - I still believe in santa clause
I’m bluetiful I’m backstage
Essence - I'm blue-tiful Ess - I'm backstage
Instant feeling Instant friendship
Essence - Instant feeling Essence - Instant friendship
Instant fun Instant happiness
Essence - Instant fun Essence - Instant happiness
Instant match Instant party
Essence - Instant match Essence - Instant party
Instant summer Itsy bitsy blue bikini
Essence - Instant summer Essence - Itsy bitsy blue bikini
Jeans on Keep calm & go for a walk
Essence - Jeans on! Essence - Keep calm & go for a walk
Lady mermaid Let’s get lost
Essence - Lady mermaid Essence - Let's get lost
Let’s take an elfie Little lila town
Essence - Let's take an elfie Essence - Little lila town
Little miss sunrise Love is in the air
Essence - Little miss sunrise Essence - Love is in the air
#Lucky Majestic green
Essence - #lucky Ess Mag - Majestic green
Me & my lover Meet me under the mistletoe
Ess - Me & My Lover Essence - Meet me under the mistletoe
Miss Navy More than a feeling
Essence - Miss navy Essence - More than a feeling
Off to Miami Oh captain, my captain
Ess - Off to miami Essence - Oh captain, my captain
Oh my glitter! Once upon a time…
Essence - Oh my glitter Essence - Once upon a time...
#Paradise Pink & perfect
Essence - #Paradise Essence - Pink & perfect
Pink & proud Plump power
Ess - Pink & Proud Essence - Plump power
Pretty cool life Prince charming
Essence - Prince charming
Purple with purpose
Essence - Purple with purpose