1. I’m so excited to see you enjoyed the goodies I sent!

    I had no idea that Sparkles were your favourite, I just thought they’d be a nice sweet addition that wouldn’t melt in the postal system. The crocodile clips and washi tape are from Typo if you’re every looking for more. Let me know how the Sex Bomb turns out, I’ve tried a few of Lush’s bath bombs but not that particular one.

    I hope you enjoy using it all, I had such fun putting it together. 🙂

    • Michelle Roberts

      Thank you again SO much Nicola. I really wish Typo comes here soon. I would DIE!! I will definitely let you know how the Sex Bomb is. Dying to use it but also don’t want to use it too soon. I know, I am strange 😛

    • Michelle Roberts

      Aww thanks Charlene. I am so happy to hear it. I was really nervous about getting it right even though I had a blast getting it all together.

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