1. My favourite here are the Sinfuls…
    My favourites at home, I only own three so, but they are: Tip Top’s Atomic Green, Essence’s Check me out (this is old so unsure if it’s discontinued) and my new green Exits on the right (I think this is a perfect colour for autumn and winter for me)

  2. Thea

    I bought Nubar’s “Greener” at the Johannesburg beauty expo last year. Only been able to wear it twice but daaaaamn, SHE.IS.PRETTY! Emeraldy goodness! Hmmmmmmm… so happy green is “In” this year! I’m a sucker for a blue or green!

    • Ahhh I’m dying to try Nubar! Our clicks told me its discontinued so will have to find it somewhere else.
      Isn’t green just gorgeous!! Although I LOVE pink (obviously) and blue. And purple. Oh heck who am I kidding!!! 😉

      • Thea

        As far as I know Nubar is still very much alive and kicking! Lol They have a great variety in their online shop but I’m not sure if they ship worldwide!
        I used to be very afraid of green and blue! My primary go to colour used to be black, oxblood and dark purple/plum…until I discovered nail art last year May. Now it’s like I have to have every single shade there is! Even yellow! Still afraid of orange though but I’m definitely eyeing it! 😀

        • Yes, I also know they are very popular in some countries (once again, we draw the short end of the stick) and I definitely would love to get my hands on some. I assumed they meant discontinued in their stores although they could’ve phrased it better.
          Yes, I also highly favoured certain colours and now all of a sudden I have every shade and lots of them. I am a sucker but how do you say no to all the pretties right? 🙂
          I have TONS of oranges, you must try them!!

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