• Thanks 🙂

      What topcoat do you use? Some topcoats are just very inclined to drag no matter what. Another option is to make sure when you topcoat to have a bead of topcoat on the end of the brush and glide it on so that the brush doesn’t actually touch the polish. It is usually the brush touching it that causes it to drag even more.

  1. Lesley

    The first three you listed sound interesting! 🙂
    I think I like textures, but pretty much only if they have glitter in them, like this one. They have to be pretty blingy or else I don’t really like them.

    • I think I might have to get them all :/ The more I see them the more I want them. I love texture in general so I am have a few more options. These Rimmel ones are nice and blingy for sure!

  2. Reasons to not read Michelle’s blog:
    Total enabler: Go to every shop (ok I went to ONE shop), find these polishes, buy Total Eclipse
    Reasons to read Michelle’s blog:
    Walk out the shop with Total Eclipse VERY happy!!! 😀

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