1. This is a great set. Those girl images are my favorites and some of the geometrics have caught my eye too. You are right though in that some of these designs are too big for small or shorter nails. I love how these come packaged already in the case and it’s great for storage and organization. I agree with you on the underwater sea creatures that the dots/bubbles are not wanted. They get in the way and create a lot of work trying to isolate that single sea creature image. I looooove your gradient mani with the hearts stamped on top! That is gorgeous and I could look at that on my nails for days. I am going to recreate this one and I’ll put it on my Instagram and hashtag it ordinarymisfit as my copcat mani so you can see it. This is perfect for summer!

    • I am a sucker for geometrics too so those always grab my eye too. I also really like that the Pueen plates come in a case. One of the few brands that still provide a case as well. I have a bigger case for my plates but before I got them I loved that each had their own. Yeah I am disappointed in that plate with the sea creatures. I’d love to use it but I can already imagine the time I will be using to get rid of the dots. But then, it might just be worth it. Aw thanks so much Cindi!I can’t wait to see your recreation. xx

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