1. That’s so pretty! I can see what you mean, the picture makes it a bit dark, but my incorrigible imagination can make up for that so I just imagine I see beautiful sparkly roses 🙂

    I know I’m not going to do the 31DC. It would probably stress me out so bad I would start to hate nail polish and we can’t have that 😉 I’m still on the fence about the 52 Week one but if I decide to do it, I’m going to do it next year when I can jump in at week 1.

    • Ah I love your imagination! That’s exactly what I needed to hear 😛

      I have made a decision not to do the 31 Day Challenge. I had another little break and realized my nails need a bit more TLC than the challenge will provide. I am also about a week behind so it’s just going to add unnecessary stress on my nails. I’ll jump in again next year. As far as the 52 week challenge, I love it! It’s really nice to have 1 prompt a week (I think we all do at LEAST 1 a week) and the prompts are quite nice and can be interpreted in so many ways. I am really enjoying it and I know you will too. Who knows, I might join you next year as well 😉

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