52 week nail art challenge – Week 32: Inspired by a TV show

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I hope you had a fabtastic weekend!  It was a different weekend for me, it didn’t feel like weekend because I got so much done but I also feel nice and relaxed.  At some point on the weekend I agreed to go to gym at 5am this morning.  That’s a good few hours before my normal wake up time.  I’m not really sure what I was thinking but let’s hope I survive 😛 What did you get up to?

Have you joined us in this challenge yet?  Some of the prompts really challenge me and I it has made me really wonder about doing the 31 Day challenge.  This challenge is really fun.

Here we are at week 32 of the #52weeknailchallenge from Polish Portfolio. This challenge is similar to the 31 Day challenge except  this is one prompt for every week of the year. You can share yours on any day of the week as long as it falls within the week.  Here is the list of prompts and you can use #52weeknailchallenge to keep track of any posts. I hope you’ll join in.

52 week nail art challenge Poster

Week 32 is inspired by a TV show.  I am a HUGE reality tv fan.  Survivor and Amazing Race are 2 of my faves and then of course the cooking shows like Masterchef and Top Chef.  At the moment though, I am aaaalllll about the Bachelor franchise.  I am obsessed by the drama and the scandal and the ‘intrigue’.  I listen to some podcasts involving precious contestants and I love hearing about ‘behind the scenes’ stuff.  So yeah, the Bachelor franchise is great the moment. That includes Bachelorette, Bachelor in paradise and Bachelor. If you have watched any one episode you will know roses (specifically red roses) play a big part in the show.  So let me show you what I did.

52 week nail art challenge - Inspired by a TV show52 week nail art challenge - Inspired by a TV show

I started with 2 coats of Pure Ice – Hit the floor on all my nails and left that to dry completely.  I then stamped on my ring and middle fingers using Lina Four Seasons – Spring 1 and Mundo de Unas – Black. I topcoated everything and that was that. Simple and easy.

52 week nail art challenge - Inspired by a TV show

I had hoped this combination would really pop with the beautiful polish and the beautiful image stamped.  In real life, it did.  It looks amazing.  It was really sparkly and the roses were gorge.  Am I silly for thinking it just doesn’t look as good here?  I feel like the rose image doesn’t shine with the polish.  Maybe I am just being a party pooper.  What do you think?  Do you watch any of the bachelor franchise shows? Isn’t this polish just gorgeous?  Let me show you a swatch

Pure Ice – Hit the floor

Pure Ice - Hit the floorPure Ice - Hit the floor

This is 2 coats with no topcoat.  It is a beautiful red base packed full of red glitter and shimmer.  It applies beautifully and has a fantastic opacity considering what it is.  I am in love with it and I know it will probably remind you of a very popular red polish that looks almost like this.  I do have a comparison coming up soon but if you want to see it compared to any other polish please let me know.

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  1. That’s so pretty! I can see what you mean, the picture makes it a bit dark, but my incorrigible imagination can make up for that so I just imagine I see beautiful sparkly roses 🙂

    I know I’m not going to do the 31DC. It would probably stress me out so bad I would start to hate nail polish and we can’t have that 😉 I’m still on the fence about the 52 Week one but if I decide to do it, I’m going to do it next year when I can jump in at week 1.

    • Ah I love your imagination! That’s exactly what I needed to hear 😛

      I have made a decision not to do the 31 Day Challenge. I had another little break and realized my nails need a bit more TLC than the challenge will provide. I am also about a week behind so it’s just going to add unnecessary stress on my nails. I’ll jump in again next year. As far as the 52 week challenge, I love it! It’s really nice to have 1 prompt a week (I think we all do at LEAST 1 a week) and the prompts are quite nice and can be interpreted in so many ways. I am really enjoying it and I know you will too. Who knows, I might join you next year as well 😉

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