52 week nail art challenge – Week 47: Tribal

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Did you have a good weekend? Mine has been incredibly hot but also had the silver lining of seeing my cousin and her family.  They arrived yesterday afternoon and left again this morning (hence the slightly late post – sorry) but it has been the best.

It is week #47 of the #52weeknailchallenge from Polish Portfolio?   This challenge is similar to the 31 Day challenge except  this is one prompt for every week of the year. You can share yours on any day of the week as long as it falls within the week.  Here is the list of prompts and you can use #52weeknailchallenge to keep track of any posts. I hope you’ll join in.

52 week nail art challenge Poster

Week #47 prompt is Tribal and I have to be honest, I was completely lost.  I had no idea what classified something as ‘tribal’ so I really just googled and went with something similar to the options I saw there.  Luckily I had a stamping plate that was often used so let me show you what I did.

52 week nail art challenge - Tribal52 week nail art challenge - Tribal

I started with 1 coat of Essence – Shade of happiness on all my nails.  Once it was all dry I did a sponged gradient using Essence – Shade of happiness, Essence – Orange to go and at the tip Essence – Red carpet? Once the gradient was dry I stamped on my index and pinky using BP-L010 and Mundo de unas – Black.  On my middle and ring finger I used an image but isolated the elephants and stamped them towards the tip of my nail.  I then isolated the other part from an image and stamped it towards the cuticle part of my nail.  I topcoated and then finally added a matte topcoat.

52 week nail art challenge - Tribal

What do you think?  Does it work as Tribal? Does it work together?  I must say I am really in love with that gradient.  The stamping could’ve been a bit better but with the gradient I can almost forgive anything 😛 I hope you have a spectacular week!

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