1. There she goes again, talking about those Lina plates :p
    I have to admit your nails look fabulous. Just wondering, how long did it take you to remove the glitter? Or are you smarter than I am and used peel off base? 😉

    • Hahahaha man I love these lina plates. I really can’t get enough.

      You want to know my little secret? I use the Wet n Wild protective base coat and for some reason, it turns into a peel off base coat. It doesn’t just pop off but I can within a few hours agitate the edge and then literally peel it off. If I don’t agitate it will go for a few days before I can feel there is some lifting happening. Even then, if I leave it alone it’s fine. But I don’t know when last I have had to remove a difficult polish. It’s a dream. I initially thought it was a body chemistry issue with me but I’ve told a few other ladies and it works for them as well. Again, it isn’t a peel off base but You can learn how to manipulate it to peel off. I sometimes run my tongue over my nail and I swear I can feel where it is ‘looser’ and then I start lifting the edge. I love it!

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