1. This is so pretty! I’ve slowly been collecting the OMG holos just to have them. I don’t have this one yet. The accent nail looks pretty!

    • Thank you so much. The OMG collection is like hen’s teeth here so when I could get my hands on some I had to grab them. They re also more for looking at, I don’t use them often because they are such a treasure to me.

  2. This is so pretty! I wish I could have gotten my hands on the OMG collection but alas… none of them were available at the time and the prices they go for now are not something I care to pay for a polish so I guess I just have to cope with never getting them :'(

    • RIFGHT!?!?! My first one was kind of a fluke and when I realised how coveted they are I tried to get more and consider myself super lucky that I got as many as I did at ‘normal’ price. I too will not pay stupid money for polish, no matter how much I love it.

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