Born Pretty Store review – Black chrome pigment

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I hope you are having a fabulous week so far.  What have you been up to?  By the time you read this I will either be in surgery, waiting for surgery or recovering from surgery.  I’m hoping to be back as soon as possible but please excuse me if it goes quiet here for a while.

I got a few more goodies from Born Pretty Store to review.  As you know, they have a great supply of nail art goodies and I can always pick up a variety of great stuff from them.  Today I am showing you some pigment powder.  I have the black chrome pigment powder to show you today so let me jump right in.

Born Pretty Store Black Chrome pigment powderBorn Pretty Store Black Chrome pigment powder

I started with 2 coats of black polish. When it was completely dry I added gel topcoat and cured that.  I then used the little applicator sponge that came with the powder and applied it on each nail.  It applied really easily and with no effort at all, the black chrome was shining.  I then added another layer of gel topcoat and cured it again.  I must say that the chrome powder was a bit shinier and more chrome before adding the final topcoat but I love the way it looked in the end anyway.  I just did one coat of powder on each nail and the effect was strong and clear.  I don’t always use gel polish with powders (many of them work just fine on top of normal polish but does need a gel or water based topcoat) so I did test this on normal polish first.  It did work but I think it might’ve applied a little bit easier with the gel topcoat just because the base is smoother.

I am a big fan of this black chrome powder. At first I wasn’t sure if it would really make a difference because shiny black is shiny black right?  Wrong!  This looks amazing!  Of course I had to do some nail art with it.  Let me show you

Born Pretty Store Black Chrome pigment powder nail artBorn Pretty Store Black Chrome pigment powder nail art

Starting with the base of the black chrome powder, I stamped on my middle and rig fingers using Line – License to be sexy and Colour alike – Cherry lollipop.  On my pinky and index I then stamped a single rose on the tip using Lina Spring 01 and Colour Alike – Cherry lollipop.  This time I topcoated with regular topcoat and ta-daa!

Born Pretty Store Black Chrome pigment powder nail art

I wanted to have a lace pattern over the shiny black chrome and I think it turned out great.  I used a metallicy red and I wonder if a creme red would have looked much different but that just means I have to try another idea with that.  I really like how the shiny black shows through the stamping and even on my index and pinky where it is more chrome.  I didn’t expect to be such a big fan of this powder but I really really like it.   What do you think?

If you want to grab this powder – or anything else – don’t forget to use my discount code below to get 10% off.

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