1. Adorable!! Perfect for spring, so of course now I want that polish too…
    You really should stop showing me stuff I put on my wishlist. I’m running out of paper 😉

      • But scrolling through the thousands of lines on my phone is so annoying…
        I need a poilsh wish list app, complete with pictures 😀

  2. But scrolling through the thousands of lines on my phone is so annoying…
    I need a polish wish list app, complete with pictures 😀

  3. Debra

    Hi! I just found you, I was looking for swatches of a CG polish I picked up today and liked your style and pictures. China Glaze is my #1 favorite polish and I have over 1800!
    Don’t be a snowflake is a particular favorite of mine, reminds me of a winter blizzard. We have similar tastes in our likes and dislikes of colors.
    I bought 3 of the OMG holo collection, BFF, 2nite and today I found DV8! Gorgeous!
    I’m happy I found your blog, read a bunch of your older posts and looking forward to more. Added plus, you do nail art!

    • Hi Debra! Yay I am so glad you found me. Than you so much for all your kind words. I absolutely LOVE China Glaze and is my favourite main stream brand by far! This one is just heavenly. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the new OMG polishes (I only have some of the originals). You have found some awesome ones.
      Thank you again for all the kind words and I really hope you enjoy what’s to come!

      • Debra

        You are so lucky to have some of the original holo’s! I did a mani with DV8 with an accent of BFF.
        Truthfully? The formula was very difficult to work with, and the brush was abnormally thin.
        That being said, the colors are phenomenal, very beautiful!
        My next mani I’ll use Glamletic, so gorgeous and unique.

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