52 week nail art challenge – Week 27: Unused plate

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Happy Monday!  Also, happy July!  Finally! Did you have a good weekend? What did you get up to? I woke up yesterday with such a sore throat and today I was lucky enough to wake up super congested and feeling miserable.  Lucky me!  I am not standing for it though and I am guzzling meds and hoping I can beat it before it even really gets going.  Wish me luck!

Time for another week of #52weeknailchallenge hosted by Polish Portfolio.  As always, you can follow this # to see what other people are creating and you can find the list of prompts for this year below.

The prompt this week is unused plate and it made me excited.  Earlier this year I actually made a list of my stamping plates and wanted to try and use more unused ones.  I noticed that I tend to gravitate towards the same batch of plates so this would be a fun way to force myself to use more of my plates.  This prompt falls perfectly in line with that.  Of course it was still hard to decide which one to use.  Let me show you what I did

52weekchallenge - Unused plate52weekchallenge - Unused plate

I started with 2 coats of ILNP – Ava and left that to dry completely.  While that was drying I paged though pages and pages of my plates.  After using this polish I knew I couldn’t cover it completely and of course, my SS girls came up with this idea.  I looked for a plate that had a curved image to some degree.  I found this image on Pueen116 and even though I only used a portion of the image it worked perfectly.  I used this image and Mundo de Unas – Light gold.  I topcoated and bam!

52weekchallenge - Unused plate

I think it worked out quite well and I at least have one more plate to tick off my list ;). What do you think?  Good enough?  Also, can we take a moment and talk about how gorgeous this polish is?  I have a swatch for you

ILNP – Ava

ILNP - AvaILNP - Ava

This is 2 coats with no topcoat.  This is a purple that leans burgundy packed with holo glitter.  In two coats I can see some lighter bits at the tip and I assume 3 coats would’ve been better.  I still found it to be incredibly gorgeous and a stunning formula to boot.  I adore this polish.  What do you think?

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