1. It looks interesting but on my monitor it doesn’t look neon at all… maybe the poor thing needs a break, just as it’s owner 😉
    I love the idea though, I can totally see you doing something with pale to dark pink as a gradient and a glitter base (hint hint)
    (and of course I haven’t tried those polishes… I can’t my hands on Hean polishes if my life depended on it)

    • Hahahaha I laughed way too hard at you. I definitely think your monitor and the owner needs a LONG break! I think the neon is a bit muted by the grey base and probably freaked my camera out way too much. I LOVE your suggestion though and I am definitely going to do this asap!
      I am actually surprised you’re struggling to get Hean because I thought it was a European brand. It always blows my mind when I can get my hands on something that international folks can’t 😛

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