1. I’m so happy that you chose this, it’s so stunning.

    I would have liked to see it matte, but it’s just as pretty shiny. Also twinsies! for using white stamping for it!

    • I really regret not doing the matte as well. I really should’ve. Yay, I love that we all kinda did the same colour scheme and yay for white stamping! I was nervous at first but I think it came out great.

  2. We all did the same thing! Except I was left out of your super secret meeting to agree on the color of the stamping polish 😛

    Love your version though, especially that shimmery pumpkin-mustard. You really have to do a matte swatch of it, I bet it’s going to look awesome!

    • Hahahaha your advisory board dropped the ball here. I will make sure to send them the memo next time 😛
      Thanks so much. Yeah I will definitely have to do the matte. regrestkies again!

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