52 week nail art challenge – Week 2: Insect

Hello loves,

Did you have a good weekend? Mine seems to have gone by in a blur.  I guess it is because it was so busy.  This week is also going to be a busy one for me but hopefully a good one!  Looks like this year is taking a running start.

Time for another week of #52weeknailchallenge hosted by Polish Portfolio.  As always, you can follow this # to see what other people are creating and you can find the list of prompts for this year below.

The prompt this week is insect and I love it! This is a fun one because there are so many options.  I wanted to do ants initially because I have that fun ant plate but I also suspected there were going to be quite a few ants for this prompt.  I am going to do a separate post with some ant nails though so never fear.  Oh also, I HATE ants!  Anyway, onto the prompt.  I had so many ideas but let me show you what I did,

Week 2 - InsectWeek 2 - Insect

I started with 2 coats of Sinful Colors – Pull over on my pinky and ring finger and 2 coats of Dollish Polish – Squirrel! on my index and middle finger.  While that was all drying I went to work with the stamping.  I stamped using BM-422 and Mundo de Unas – Black.  I then used a thin nail art brush and China Glaze – Best ponies forever to colour in the gold edge of the honeycomb.  Once it was dry I placed this on my pinky and ring finger.  I then stamped on my index and middle finger using Moyra – Footprints 67 and first Mundo de Unas – Yellow for the bodies and then Mundo de Unas – Black for the rest of the bee.  I topcoated and that was that.

Week 2 - Insect

I really quite liked this.  I think the bees came out so great and it was a nice twist.  I wasn’t sure if the honeycomb would work initially but I think it looks ok.  Once I was done I noticed that a bit of the black stamping on my pinky had ‘broken’ and I was going to redo it but I thought it could add some texture to the honeycomb.  I’m not sure how noticeable it is so maybe it doesn’t even matter.  What do you think?  Do bees crack the nod? What insects would you choose?

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