Twilight Series – The books

We recently got the Twilight Series books. I had heard from friends that they were awesome and many had

said they could not put the books down so I already had very high expectations. I am surprised and excited to say that the books far exceeded my expectations. Willie managed to read all 4 the books in just a few days and sadly I am still a ways behind him. I am on the last book – Breaking Dawn – and the only reason why I have not finished is because of time constraints. Once I start reading there is just no way that I can put it down. I manage to sneak a page in here and there but like I said once I start I struggle to put it down.

These books are just fantastic! There is nothing predictable about them. There are no cliches. In fact once you have read Twilight you will – like me – often stop to wonder if this can not possibly be real. The whole story has made me stop and wonder so many times if maybe these things can – and do – happen all around us. It all seems so possible. The magic seems to leap off the pages.

I will not give anything of the story away but I will say that I am willing to bet on the fact that you will not be disappointed with the read. Not only is Stephenie Meyer an amazing author and story teller but she seems to capture every emotion and silent word perfectly. I could close my eyes and see the story unfold in my mind.

I am super excited about seeing all the movies. Do yourself a favour. Get the books. Even people who don’t like to read as much as I do will love them.

The soundtrack to the movie is just as amazing. Visit Stephenie Meyer’s site for some interesting info about the books, the movie, the characters and even how the story was born.

Let me go and read a few more pages before I fall asleep…….

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