Good books to read

I finally got back to the library again since we’ve moved. I am loving having a huge supply of reading material again.

I have read all the books we own – some even twice – so to have a whole library at my disposal is fantastic. Although I now have a little dilemma. I have a few authors that I really enjoy like Kathy Reichs, Dan Brown, James Patterson, Patricia Cornwell etc but I am fast approaching the end of the supply as far as these authors go. I also have this other neat little trick. I walk up and down and see which covers attract me. This does work really well but is rather time consuming.

I need some advice on good books or authors. I like pretty much any type of book so there really is no limitations. My only requirement is that it needs to be good. I don’t want to be on page 214 before the action starts. So if anyone out there can recommend anything I would really appreciate it.

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