• Michelle Roberts

      Thanks Lauren. Good luck. You won’t be sorry. I LOVE their FB page and their products!

  1. Nicola

    Have been following Tip Top Nails for some months now. I love their nail products. Have posted on their page.

  2. Sharon

    Done, thank you so much for this link, I had never heard of these products before and hope they are not too expensive as I would like to get my daughter (13) to use good quality products now that she is starting to take an interest in how her nails look.

  3. Michelle Roberts

    Hi Sharon,

    So glad you found these useful. I so wish I learnt all this much earlier. These products are available at Clicks. Prices range from R57 to R75 (which is cheaper than some other big name brands).

    Please shout if I can help in any way and good luck!!

  4. Ok I’ve done what you asked on their wall!!!!

    Then I just want to say, immaculately fabulous post!
    Before Tip Top I had such weak nails, they were like paper… Maybe worse and now my nails GROW and are hard and strong.
    Their products really ARE outstanding and 5 star!!!

  5. Oh my goodness, I am so excited to have found your blog, and this post! Tip Top products look amaze, how have I not seen them anywhere before?!

    Whether I win or not, I’m excited to try the products, the nail enamel remover looks divine!

    • Michelle Roberts

      Thanks for the comment. You got in juuust in time to enter 😛

      I use tons of remover and I can honestly say this is the best one ever. You won’t be sorry. Good luck!

      • Thanks! I saw that I made it JUST in time, haha!

        Listen, if I’m missed the tip already I’m sorry, but HOW DO YOUR NAILS LOOK SO PERFECTLY PAINTED?!

        It’s like you have them done professionally. One look through my instagram timeline shows that I do my nails weekly, but they never look so neat ever.

        • Michelle Roberts

          Awwww you’re so sweet. Thank you so much!!

          I actually don’t think they look as great as I have seen others look but I appreciate it so much. I do clean up my cuticles after I’ve painted them. Not sure if that is what makes the difference? I also always, without fail, use a base and top coat. Maybe it’s just the polish I use? Or that I am better at taking photo’s than I think? 😛

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