1. Melting marshmallow is my FAVOURITE colour and polish ever. It was the very first polish I bought and the very first tip top one too… Obviously! It is amazing!
    I also have cha cha cha and it’s also a firm stunner favourite.

    I actually like fairy dust and blue meets green.

    I like the beach babe mani very much. I’m a sucker for polkas. They never get old. Stamped/done by hand/whatever. Rocks!

  2. These colors look fabulous.

    I like the toxin free & cruelty free fact about them. I am curious about the odor. Is there much of an odor?

    • They are so gorgeous and yes, I love that they are ‘green’ polishes. The best you’ll get.
      To be honest I didn’t even think of paying attention to the odour but no, I don’t recall much of a strong smell at all. At least not the type you get from ‘regular’ polishes.
      I will definitely pay attention to that when I get mine and let you know.

      Thanks for reading!

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