1. I try to always shop cruelty-free but sometimes things slip under the radar. I do avoid Johnson & Johnson like the plague. I am a bit shocked because I thought Kiehl’s didn’t test on animals? They say they don’t. That is one of my main criteria when selecting a skincare brand.

    • I agree. It’s easy for products to slip through. I was also under the impression Kiehls doesn’t test on animals but that is the information I could find. I will admit I didn’t email then to ask directly (because of time constraints) but would love to verify all those companies.
      Thanks for your comment. It’s good to know more people shop cruelty free as much as they can.

  2. sh

    I am horrified at the list of testers and the fact that anyone would allow themselves to be dictated to and manipulated by China is appalling to me.
    Strange that China is communist and yet flourishes in every capitalist system and country in the world! Love your posts. xx

  3. Thea

    The reason why Revlon isn’t on the Cruelty-Free list is because their polishes are sold in China also. In China you are not allowed to sell cosmetics if it hasn’t been tested on animals. Surprised Sinful Colours is on the list as they are owned by Revlon. Love this article though! Especially after seeing that my favorites are good! Lol

    • Can I just say I don’t get the whole ‘must test on animals to sell in china’. Surely the Chinese people use the products and not the animals. I really don’t get it. Stupid china.
      As far as I understand sinful colors is brought into SA by revlon but is not owned by them or falls under their label. I could be wrong though. Will see what I can find out.
      Thanks for the comment 🙂

  4. This is such a great post! People really need to be more aware of animal testing… I try to steer clear of the brands I know are really bad (L’Oreal, Unilever, etc) but its getting harder and harder as they buy out all of our house hold brands! It’s so hard to buy everything cruelty free!

    • Thank you! Yes I agree it is getting so much harder. Things change so quickly and it’s not always obvious who the parent companies are to some products. I try my best to stick to cruelty free products as well but sometimes it is near impossible. I think as long as I do my best it counts for something!

  5. Caddie

    I was so sad when Loreal took Essie over, cuz they’re my favourite brand. I detest Loreal and their cruelty

  6. jenny

    Hi there, please include Lush cosmetics! For people who want efficient, effective and also cheap and affordable beauty products Lush is one of them 😀 They have many stores across the world, or buy them online~ What’s great about them is they only deal with suppliers who are also 100% cruelty free, their products are also 100% vegetarian and more than 80% vegan, and 100% no animal testing with all ingredients that were bought from fair trade organisations. Oh and their products are all natural and hand-made with an approved sticker that states who made the product and what date it expires, so they are a very transparent company. Sorry to rave on, I recently found Lush and I’m so glad to have found a product that is genuinely good-hearted and ethical 🙂

    I think it’s fantastic for people to buy cruelty free products, I believe animals should not suffer for superficial reasons such as vanity. So it’s really good that if consumers KNOW there are alternatives to preserve their beauty without any association towards cruelty (may that be towards animals or humans) then they should make that switch as a consumer, consumers have a huge social responsibility that most of us seem to neglect. We as consumers are the reason why companies exist, we are the incentives to push all corporate entities to become 100% ethical and socially responsible on all levels from environmental to the welfare of humans and animals ~

    Love your blog <3

  7. nonny

    hey i know this is an old post but maybe you will see: logicalharmony.com is the best source of info on animal testing

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