1. Essence also has a nice gel effect top coat which I love, it really keeps the polish from chipping for a long time. Dries relatively quickly as well. I think I’d try the Essence quick dry one as well, maybe next time.

    • I had the gel effect one as well and it really is gorgeous (I actually included it in my nail mail hamper giveaway in the end)
      It didn’t dry quick enough for me and it is quite thick. I prefer the thinner ones but the shine is lovely.
      I am so in love with the Essence quick dry one. It has really amazed me.

    • I thought as much. I thought it was a huge bargain 😛

      I saw on their FB page that it has been discontinued 🙁 I am definitely picking up another bottle as back up!

  2. Amanda

    Hi M. I purchased Seche Vite from http://www.nailcandi.co.za
    But guess what… they are nor restocking the Seche brand (sad face) Needless to say ((((( I Love Seche Vite ))))
    That is why I was browsing your blog tgo see what you recommend. I will give Tip Top a try, the Essence top caots just take too long to dry 🙂
    Thanks for your blog…..

    • Whaaaaat!?!?! That is crazy! Why would they stop stocking it? Obviously this post is very old. I should probably do a new updated one. I have used the Sally Hansen Insta-dry (red bottle) and is closest to seche vite as far as speed dry is concerned. I did at the time have an issue with bubbles but on the second bottle it wasn’t an issue. I am not really a fan of Sally Hansen but the topcoat wasn’t bad at all. Otherwise, I buy my seche online on eBay (if the deal if good) or a local salon. I found them by checking out chinaglaze.co.za and found a salon close by that stocks china glaze. I have found most of them to stock Seche as well.

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