• I definitely agree with you. I do think this is a nice idea (and seems everyone and their uncle has it) but you could just use the old fashioned way. Which i believe might actually work better for some.

  1. Renita

    I bought the Justin Bieber paper print (don’t judge me-i just wanted the little guitars) and failed miserably following their instructions so I decided to use my rubbing alcohol since it works with regular newspaper for me…..and I didn’t get any better results so in a fit of rage I squashed up the paper print n threw it away….#nopatience

    • Hahahah Renita, no judging from me. I have all the JB polishes too 😛 LOL sorry you chucked the paper away. Perhaps try it the old way with just alcohol and newspaper?

  2. I agree with NailCentric. I haven’t ever actually done a newspaper print mani (on my to-do list!), but I wouldn’t go buy the special kit for it. I would use the alcohol and a regular newspaper. Thanks for the instructions though, will be helpful no matter what I use 🙂
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  3. Lesley

    I’m getting back to the reading blogs/commenting now. I’m so behind!
    Nice to see the paper print with a color!

  4. I love this idea by Essence but I can’t get myself to buy it though. I have newspaper and alcohol (HMMM! VODKA! :P). I’ll rather by an actual bottle of polish with the money!…oh who am I kidding! Of course I want it! I’m just broke! *cries*
    You killed this tutorial! Love it M! 😀

    • Bwahahahaha That just made me laugh so hard!! Look, Obviously if you have the tools to do it the old way then I would do it the ‘old’ way. I do however think that some of the prints are really cute, not something y ou would easily find in your average newspaper 😛

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