1. Don’t you love how skew my polka dots are ahahahahahahahahhaha I cracked up laughing now at that!!!
    I must link this to blog today.
    Thank you again M for featuring meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and allowing me to spam ya for a day (and all the emails which never went through, let’s not forget those)
    Siobhan recently posted…Featuring: Ordinary Misfit and CartoonifiedMy Profile

    • LOL I don’t think there is anything wrong with them at all!!

      Thank YOU for doing it and all the lovely compliments. Also thank you for having me. I really do feel so special!!

  2. Thea

    So awesome V! I really love how you took the time to make each nail represent M’s personality! Overall, it is stunning mani but my fave is the glitter gradient! So soft…and I don’t really do soft! Lol

  3. Nicole

    Aghh!!! It’s too hard to pick a favorite!! But, since miss V is being so ornery on twitter tonight :p I’ll pick just to avoid problems. 😉 I think the gradient leopard print stamp is me favorite. I like how each nail has an explanation, too. Very cute!! Good job! 🙂 Your guest posts on each others blogs have been fun to see. 🙂

    • I’m so glad you chose a fav! Now don’t have to put up depro fb stati (what’s the plural for status?) LMAO
      Thank you Nics by the way 🙂

  4. […] Dotting Tools: Now dotting tools can be ANYTHING you can make a dot with. I’ve used toothpicks, a ballpoint pen, a hairpin that I just opened up, an earbud (I wet it first then dip in polish), I’ve used a dressers/sewing pin (those straight pins with a ball on one end) stuck in a pencil with an eraser bum, even straws can be used for bubble type/ringed dots. (Straws are also fab for paint splat manis.) Currently I use my dotting tool that I got with my brushes from Planet Nails (South Africa store that has stores all over SA and you can buy online) AS WELL AS a cake pop stick for big polkas. I used it to make the heart for Ordinary Misfit’s Mittle. […]

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