• Cool Gray is my fave of them all too. It blew my mind that something so light had such great application. I expected sheer and patchy polish but it was just gorgeous! Thank you muchly!

  1. Thea

    I would’ve never thought these colours would go together but this looks awesome! Seriously! And c’mon! Like I’m not going to like anything with the word unicorn in it!!! ;D

  2. chantal

    That is the first yellow polish that I can actually see myself wearing. Any tips on making perfect round circles with a dotting tool?

    • It is a really pretty yellow. Like I mentioned there are loads of complaints about it out there but I had no issues at all.
      Hmmm perfect round circles with a dotting tool. I would say applying even pressure. Having the same amount of polish on with every dot. I actually practiced on a piece of paper at first to see the difference with different pressure and different amount of polish. Once you have tried different ways you will know which one you prefer. Although, as is obvious, I still can’t make perfect round polka dots 😉

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