1. i thought the black one would be my favorite, but now, looking at your photos, i think the blue is the nicest. i have to admit that after wearing the red for a day, i really wasn’t blown away. pretty, yes, but not as beautiful as the others.
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  2. Kerry

    Hey, where is this available? I am dying to try more textured polishes but they’re tough to find. The other day I saw a FEW OPI polishes in Red Square, but I don’t think they had liquid sands. Thanks!

    • Hi Kerry, I know OPI is available at selected Clicks stores but I haven’t seen these there either. I Have however seen them at Perfect10 salons. I think a nail salon that sells OPI will be more inclined to have these for sure.
      Textured polishes are really hot right now and I am actually quite enjoying the ones I have tried. More so because they have the versatility of adding topcoat and completely changing the polish.
      Thanks for reading.

    • Hi Kerry. Just an update. I was at Sorbet this evening and I saw they had the full size liquid sand polishes and Perfect10 had full size and the set of mini polishes that I used. Hope that helps.

  3. I haven’t tried any textured polishes, but I suspect that the texture might irritate me, which is why I haven’t run out and bought one. I also haven’t seen one I particularly like. I really, really love these WITH the top coat. Except the orangey one. I’m not a fan of orange. The blue and the black/red are particularly beautiful. I might buy them just for how they look after you smack on a top coat!
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    • I wasn’t so sure about the whole textured polishes either to be honest. Most times when I have linen print the texture alone would annoy me all day long. After the two different textured polishes I have tried I must say THAT texture hasn’t bothered me at all. In fact I actually like it. Either way, the way they look with topcoat is phenomenal so even then it is a great polish to have. I did see that they have them in regular sizes at Sorbet (and perfect10) and some even have the same mini packs that I have. Just saying…. 😉

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