1. I love all the photos here!
    Also Michelle… You need Michelle 😀 love it.
    Not going to add extra comments as I’ve already told you what I like on you and blah blah!

    • Thanks hun!!!
      I know right!!!! I told B if ‘Michelle’ is pink I will die and it really is. I am SO ordering one and I actually think everyone needs a ‘Michelle’ in their lives right?! 😛

      Thanks doll!! xx

  2. Thea

    M, I love you! I really do…but you suck so much at the moment! So jealous! Ugh, now I want them ALL even more!
    Oh…and you must get Michelle! Then we can call you M&M when you wear it! Heeee!

    • Yay!!! You won’t be sorry. Those are beautiful colours. Godiva will blow you away.
      If I remember correctly the regular polishes are R130/R140-ish and I assume the Pixies will be a teeny bit more.

  3. hb13

    Oh my goodness. I am freaking out – as much as I can do in this comment box!!!! I have been lemming Zoya polishes for years and Godiva pixie dust is one of the latest polishes on my long wish list. Where will these be available in South Africa?

  4. Merlynn

    Hi Michelle, I just came across your blog and thought – what – Zoya is available here?! I’v seen lovely swatches of their colours on line but assumed one could not buy them in SA:( I’m particularly interested because it seems that brands like OPI and Essie, though they have wonderful colours, etc, are not quite animal friendly. And, while (like you) I love Tip Top, I would prefer a wider range of shades and effects. I wonder if you would be able to tell me which salons stock Zoya. I live in Bedfordview (Joburg) and am in easy distance of Eastgate and Bedford Centre but am also often in Rosebank – and am prepared to drive further if necessary! Thanks:)

    • Hi there. Apologies for the delay I my reply. I will pop you an email as soon as I am home with all the info you need.
      Very happy to meet a fellow Zoya lover! 😉

  5. Kerry

    Ahh, I had no idea they were available in SA! I want the pixiedust so badly!! Do you know of anywhere around Stellenbosch/Cape Town where I can get them?

  6. Chanelle

    Hi Michelle, I have just happened upon your blog whilst hunting the net for matte nail polishes 😀 Have just spent a good hour reading through some of your posts!!! So awesome!!! Loved this one! Would you mind please letting me know where I am able to purchase Zoya products from? I am in Durban. Do you recommend any other Matte Polish brands that are easily accesible here? Thanks a million for your help!!! Take care, Chanelle

    • Hi Chanelle, Thank you so much for the compliment! Ahh the elusive matte nail polishes. I have had to resort to getting a matte top coat because the matte polishes are so hard to find. I have tried the NYX matte polishes and they are really great but quite hard to find. You can see my post about them here: http://ordinarymisfit.com/2013/04/04/nyx-matte-nail-polish/
      I have also tried the L A Girl matte polishes and they are not bad. Not great but not bad. I find they weren’t as pigmented as the NYX but with a second coat they seemed to pull themselves together 😉 You can see my post here: http://ordinarymisfit.com/2013/04/29/l-a-girl-matte-polish/
      Otherwise they are a little hard to find. Sinful Colors does have a few colours in their normal range that is matte but they aren’t specified ( a few to mention is Rise & Shine, Nirvana and Dream On). Since getting a matte topcoat though it has made it much easier to turn any of my polishes into a matte polish. I find it much more versatile.
      You’re in luck. Zoya is based right here in Durban 😉 You can get in touch with them via twitter or facebook and they are really great at getting back to you but I will also email you the contact email address right now. I love Zoya!! (PS I’m having a zoya giveaway soon as well 😉 )
      Thanks again for reading! Have a great day!

  7. Chanelle

    Hi Michelle, you are an absolute super star thank you SO SO much! I have received your email, so I will get in touch with Zoya today to find out about ordering etc! YAY! NEED to get my hands onto some new pretty polish, lol!

    Sheesh, ok so it is not my imagination, they are really difficult to find, ouch! I am obsessed with how stunning the matte looks. I see you are also a big fan of Tip Top 😀 Someone replied to my post on their facebook page this morning saying that they have a matte top coat (I saw your post on it a little earlier aswell) So I will do a little investigating there too – I just hope that I can still find a bottle or two.

    It is so nice to find someone who blogs locally and has products that are accessible here. I am still very new to the nail art world and have only just just started experimenting, lol… I am looking forward to reading more of your posts and keeping in touch 😀

    Take care and have an awesome day! C xxx

    • You’re welcome Chantelle 😉

      I know right? It’s a little crazy. I know the Tip Top one was being discontinued so it is a little hard to find but Gosh has a really great one available at Red Square (In store or online) for R80.
      Thank you so much. It’s so hard when you see amazing stuff on blogs but there is no way to get them so I am left with just lots of longing. We aren’t as lucky here with the variety but luckily we seem to be getting more and more stuff. There are also some really great online stores that ship to SA and everything is really well priced.
      Thanks so much. I always love getting in touch with more local folks who enjoy nail art and polish as much as I do. 😉 Thanks for sticking around.

      Have a great evening! xx

  8. Mabuke

    Hello Michelle,

    Please assist with where I can find these nail polishes. Am in Dunkeld West by day and live around Weltevreden Park / Cresta …

  9. Tiffany

    Hi Michelle!

    I’m based in Jhb, I have been absolutely in love with Zoya ever since my visiting cousin from overseas swatched me in Dec!! Do you know where I can get my hands on any stockists or salons in the Sandton area? I’ve emailed Ruvi and Brendan earlier this year and none have gotten back to me! :'(

    • Hi there,

      I ave also been unable to get hold of anyone in the way of Zoya SA. I don’t even know for sure if there are still salons that stock them. This makes me incredibly sad because they had such a wanted spot in our market it seems like a lost opportunity. I am now considering getting my Zoya from eBay.

      Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

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