• I agree Lynette. They are all awesome. I am also a huge Tip Top fan so that one is my favourite too 😉
      I find the essence stands to almost always be empty. It’s so disappointing. Sinful seems to be ok this side but I actually had to pick this one up from Ackermans at the time.

  1. I hope I’ll explain this properly. Miss universe looks like a finer version of Stormy sky.
    Other than that love this post!

  2. Merlynn

    Which branches of Foschini stock Tip Top? I’v been to Eastgate and Sandton and not found Tip Top there. I have many Tip Top bottles from Clicks, but the Addict collection looks much more interesting! (from your swatches, of course:) )
    I was also wondering how the formula of sinful compares to the Essence/Catrice ranges. I find both Essence and Catrice too hard to work with – first they seem quite thick, and second they take too long to dry and I always end up dinging my nails. Is Sinful any better?

    • Hi there.
      There is a list of which foschini store stock it available somewhere online. I can’t seem to find it right now but I’m also not home to look on my computer. If you google it I am sure you will find the list. I also walked for days before finding the list 😉
      Yes the addict range is quite different and tend to have a few more exciting shades.
      I find sinful colors to be quite a bit better than essence and catrice. Even though I don’t have the same issues you do, I do find Sinful to be a nicer formula and longer lasting.

      If you do have any problems with not drying fast enough I can highly recommend the Essence express dry drops. They really work very well. Quick dry top coat is also the business if you ask me. Let me know if you want more info about these.

      Also, let me know if you don’t find the list. Once I am home again I can find it for you if you haven’t.

      Thanks so much for the compliments and for reading! xx

      • Merlynn

        I’ll do some sleuthing!

        It’s unfortunate that Essence/Catrice has a worse formula since, like TIp Top they do not test on animals. Sinful, or its holding company, does not have this policy. I probably will get Cinderella and Mint Apple since there do not seem to be dupes…

        I too love comparison posts so thank you!

        • Merlynn

          Yikes, and now I see that on your page on animal testing you have listed Sinful as being cruelty free – so I need to investigate that too. I may have got it wrong!

          • It is very unfortunate.
            That information was unfortunately from before they were bought out. Their holding company currently does not have a policy of anti-animal testing. The whole cruelty free is so hard to manoeuvre because these holding companies are actually the culprits. I do however still support Sinful Colors in the hope that they have stuck to their original policies within their company even though the holding company, clearly, does not.

            Cinderella and Mint Apple are 2 very gorgeous colours that I have not seen anything close to. Good choices.

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