• I have tried the Clicks ones. I struggled with them for 2 reasons. They didn’t hold their shape well and they left quite a bit of fluff behind. I suspect the fluff is because the ‘inside’ comes out. They’re not the worst I’ve ever tried though 😉

    • Haha this made me LOL! They might also be at the baby section because Cherubs does a lot of baby products but I have found them with the normal ones. I must admit that if I go the little local stores I don’t always find them but Pick n Pay and Spar definitely have them.

  1. fayinthemaze

    I use both the dischem and dove ones regularly, have never tried cherubs! Will look out for it. I also love these organic ones I bought at dischem will tweet you a pic 🙂

    • Ohh I haven’t seen the organic ones yet. I definitely must keep a look out for those (Unless I have and just didn’t realise what they were :/ ) Thanks for the tip!

    • I also wash my hands after removing polish but I also clean my tools, plates etc. Try to have as much fluff lying around as possible. They do make amazing earbuds and also have great wipes for your hands.

  2. Kerry

    I’ve only tried the clicks ones before and I didn’t like them that much so I went back to using rolled cotton wool… I’ll have to try the Cherubs 🙂

  3. hb13

    I have always loved the Dischem Softi cotton rounds …. until I also have a pack now where the rounds are VERY thin AND fluffy. I have therefore switched to Dove that I love for eye makeup removal as well. I even recommended it to my Dad to clean his eye with after an eye op – thanks to the low fluff factor. Next time I get to Dischem I will look for the Cherubs rounds. I like the fact that they are organic as well!

    • I agree, the Softi ones are great if you find a good pack but it’s not consistent. I don’t think you will be sorry if you try Cherubs. I find mine at Pick n Pay and Spar as well.

  4. I need those Cherubs cotton pads in my life! I’m using the Clicks one at the moment. But they have different ranges also. My favorite from them is the one in the light blue packet. It still gives of a slight bit of fluff so the Cherubs will definitely be a WIN!
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    • I had a really hard time with the clicks ones. The blue packet was the best out of them but they were still not nice. I am sure you will love the Cherubs ones.

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