1. Essence is one of my favourite brands too! The quality and range of products really is impressive for such an affordable brand.
    I’m surprised how well the newspaper print thingies worked for you, I’ve read so many horrible reviews! I think real newspaper works just as well, as does rubbing alcohol instead of the transfer solution 🙂
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    • I have to agree with you. Essence has a great range and here in SA it is one of the only places we can get some nail art goodies easily. I have always been fan but with these new polishes they have really upped their game.
      Besides pressing down for a second or two too long, it was really easy and quick to use. I do like the designs they have available in the paper prints but I will definitely be trying normal newspaper as well.

    • Both are very gorgeous. I also have something similar to both (and hoping someone will ask me for a comparison to the pixies :P) For the price, Definite bargains.

    • Haha no problem at all. I knew I left stuff out :/
      The transfer solution is R23.95. The paper print is R18.95.

      These are all available at Dischem (not sure about clicks)

  2. Lesley

    Wow, the textures are so nice! I hope Hey, Nude looks better over a base because it has potential!
    I’m not sure on the other colors…they’re sort of unusual…but that at least means we don’t have a bunch of dupes in our collection already! 😉
    That newspaper kit is so cool! I’ve heard of this method before, but it’s nice to have it all in one little set.

    • The textures are really nice. My friend went and bought Hey Nude after this post and it actually looks great on her. I am going to have to give it another try and see if it was maybe just bad luck. I love that the other colours are so unusual. I agree, no chance of dupes….yet 😛
      Love the newspaper print. I have seen tons of tutorials and ways to do it but it is great to have a set that is made for it. 😉

  3. I love Hey Nude. Drawn to that.
    On you, that dark one looks HOT N TOTS! The red looks good too actually! Ok both.
    None of the plain colours are doing it for me though.
    The paper print I think you did a fab job showing off. I’m interested to know if you could use ordinary newspaper or other paper maybe seeing as there’s a paper transfer liquid??????

    • I was also very drawn to Hey Nude but was disappointed. I am going to give it another try though.
      I love that the plain colours are so unique. Crazy Fancy Love is so gorgeous but the photo doesn’t do it justice.
      I am going to try the liquid with normal newspaper (or a variety of papers) and see how it comes out.

  4. This is an awesome post M! And thanks to this and your other “Hot off the shelves” post, I am R100 poorer! Grrrr…pshhh, who am I kidding, I don’t mind! New polish babies! I love Here’s my Number! It looks like happy sparkly tar! Nice!
    Funnily enough, my favorite is a shimmer plain polish though! Okay, so technically it’s a duochrome but you get my drift. Crazy Fancy Love is so gorgeous and classy looking! I like it!
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    • Bwahahahahaha you’re welcome 😛

      Yay!!!!!!! I am so glad to hear you say that. No one has liked Crazy Fancy Love so far and I think it might be the most gorgeous polish in the post. She’s a beaut!!

    • I am also really enjoying the textures and so many different types of textures too. I also love the nude but the sheerness *sigh* I am going to layer it over another polish and see how it works out.

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