1. Whaaaa awesome! Now I will have to drag Mr Boyfriend to Dischem this weekend, hehehe. Green Sand looks pretty similar to the Sally Hansen one I got the other day but I need Quicksand for SURE. And I’m not the hugest fan of the duo bottles but those look awesome 🙂
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  2. Lesley

    That green looks lovely on you and the duos look like candy!
    LA Girl is re-releasing at one of the drugstores here and I am having a hard time avoiding them! There’s already a glitter I’ve passed up a few times that I know I’ll end up with…it’s inevitable! 😉

    • Thanks Lesley. I love the shade of green.
      I am quite impressed with LA Girl. I have seen they have a ‘splatter’ range with glitters that I would love to try. Hope they are available here soon. I say, don’t resist. 😛

  3. You know I like Green Sand. I say no more.
    Mad duo looks MAL on you! That orange on you, I cannot get over. Don’t get me wrong, Expressionism looks good too as it’s pink, but Mad duo sho sho sho.

  4. Okay, so the universe is in an unbalance at the moment. Why, you ask Michelle? Not because this post made me get 3 of these ranges polishes…No! But because of the colours I chose! I had the green, blue and nude sands in my hands…then I saw Expressionism…and I remembered how sick it’s glitter looked on your post. So you know what I did? I put the blue sands down and took Expressionism…which is a pink. I took a pink over a blue! If the world explodes, I blame you! D:
    But silliness aside, this is an awesome post M! And I am genuinely impressed with the LA Girl Sand Blast polishes!
    You still suck though! 😛
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    • LOL this made me giggle like a mad person (oh wait….) I am SO stoked you took expressionism and I know you won’t be sorry. It is such a bright neon. I will happily keep sucking if it means you get more pink 😛

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