1. What did I do this weekend… let’s see, I demolished a nail, I ran around like crazy to get all chores done, I ran around even more to get all shopping done and I managed to squeeze in some time to write a post. Oh, and I kept shivering as we’re in the midst of winter so it’s COLD!

    Your nails are so pretty and definitely Valentine enough! They sort of yell VALENTINE while mine whisper it 😉

    • Good grief you seem to have been busy busy busy. I want to cry for you with the nail break. I had a really bad break about 10 days before surgery. It started to grow well and I was able to do 2 posts and then BOOM! Another break. So now I am in the nub club.
      Again with the cold. I am so jealous!! I am actually considering really bringing those plates and toppers over for you 😛
      Thank you so much.

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