1. Love Cho. Love Roxy. Love them together even MORE M! Gorgeous mani!!!!
    And then couldn’t Roxy be a crelly – sheer but buildable to opacity in a few coats? Or whatcha think?
    Anyway going back to stare at it now coz the mani is WOW!

    • Thank you V!!! I also really love them together.
      You are quite possibly right yes. Although two coats is quite enough for opacity – as you can see when I combined it with Cho – but I do think you are right.
      YOU are wow!! love ya! xx

  2. I don’t what it is about this combo, but it’s mesmerising… These swirls remind me of sea waves, like ones from a painting, a mermaid would be hiding between them and with these colours they’re like a raspberry swirl over a sundae. Wow. Ok. Overanalyse much. Love the mani though!!!

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