1. I’ve seen these around for a couple of weeks already, but I didn’t really like them. Now that I see pictures of Elves Like Lilac I do like that one though! I think I might have to go back and find it after all 🙂
    I just hope that the sand effect polishes are still going to land on our shelves sometime…
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    • Yes we also got them a few weeks ago but I went to the store literally 3 days later and these were all I could find. In any of our closest stores. I was really keen on the one I couldn’t find but alas.
      I believe they will be. I know the paper print stuffies are already advertised here. Unfortunately they are so unpredictable :/

  2. Margaret

    Love them. We don’t have them in Aus. We still have Snow White. Now that’s backward!!

    • Thanks. I only get a handful of the trends here (and almost never the fun ones 🙁 ) and we didn’t even get snow white here 🙁 This one was also released almost a year ago and we just got it. meh.

  3. Was staring at this collection this weekend! And I almost took Take a Ride on Pegasus…purely because it has the word Pegasus in it! It’s almost as awesome as a Unicorn! But alas, my current situation pulled me away. You suck, leveling up! Lol Queen of my Cloud Castle has me the most intrigued though. I feel weirdly drawn to corals…and then they just lay in my stash!
    Stunning swatches M!
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    • *sigh* that name! I so agree with you. Now that you mention it I think that is probably the biggest reason I was lusting after it. I think a bright coral like this can pretty much go with anything tbh. It’s very pretty.
      You suck leveling up. You suck bad! *hugs*

  4. Lesley

    I like the Elves one out of the two. I am also curious about the Pegasus one because I like the name, haha.

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