1. Heidi

    Love the admire – I need it! Think I should stop reading this page you are turning me into a nail polish luster. Oh what the hell there are worse things to be lol. Going to try the stamping tonight hope it looks half as good as yours

    • Hahahaha I so agree. There are way worse things to be. I am a proud polish addict! 😛 Ohhh show me your stamping. Your stamping looks great my friend! but thanks for the compliment xx

  2. NO! The stamping is my favourite part to this mani! Leave it on! And I love this! When I saw it on insta, all I said was: WOW! Coz it IS wow!
    Admire is wow! Holy duck gorgeous!

    • Hahaha thanks so much V!!! I was very worried that the stamping was too much but it seems like most people liked it so I a very happy. Thank you SO much! Admire is really gorgeous!!!

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