Pink glitter and black flowers nail art

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Did you have a good week? Mine has been super interesting! The hubband got a new car, I cut my hair and I am still just super duper exhausted.  Queue….more exhaustion.  Aaannnyway.  Tell me about your week.

I did some nail art a while ago.  The kind that was totally unplanned and not even expected.  I swatched a polish and then played around with some stamping plates and before I knew it I kinda liked it.  So I slapped on some studs and took some snaps and here we are.  Let me show you,

Pink glitter and black shadow flowersPink glitter and black shadow flowers

On my pinky and ring finger I used 2 coats of Sinful Colors – Black on black and on my middle and index I used 2 coats of Color Club – Ultra Astral.  I left that to dry completely and then I stamped on my index and middle finger using the flowers on Lina Make your mark 3 and Mundo de Unas – Black.  I used some square neon pink studs from Born Pretty Store, topcoated everything and voila!

Pink glitter and black shadow flowers

What do you think?  Does it work as an off the cuff look?  I wish the pink would show up better.  The pink glittery polish is more the same shade of pink as the studs.  It totally matched, I promise.  *sigh* How stunning are those flowers though?  I am utterly obsessed with this image and there are SO many that are just as intricate and beautiful.  I am ridiculously in love with these plates and can’t recommend them enough.  I also have a swatch for you of this gorgeous polish.  Let me show you,

Color Club – Ultra – Astral

Color Club - Ultra-astralColor Club - Ultra-astral

This is 2 coats with topcoat.  Again, this is not colour accurate because my stupid camera does not play well with neon pink.  This is a neon barbie pink loaded with silver and holographic glitter.  I used another polish from this collection here and I think I mentioned it there too but my only complaint here is that the glitter sinks into the polish so it adds depth but the holo is definitely more subdued.  The opacity and formula on this is really nice though and I love that it applied evenly and well without any hassle.  Colour wise you could even get away with 1 coat but the glitter definitely adds a lot more depth with 2 coat.  I’m really enjoying these.

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  1. Pretty! And as far as I’m concerned you can hardly go wrong with pink and black… definitely a great combo, especially if the pink is as nice as the one you used here 🙂

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