1. So this flakie business always confuses me… You used a normal polish and normal topcoat? Also you can have my allergies and I’ll take your throat thing, because I’m tired of sneezing and a runny nose for no reason.

    • Yes, normal polish and normal topcoat. The flakies are really like super thin and fine loose glitter. So it is placed on top. Whereas pigment powder gets rubbed into the based. You can also pack a lot of flakies on to make it more like a solid look or less for more of a scattered flakie. I am really loving these!

      Girl!! I am so feeling. I swear I am going to cut my nose off and then drink bleach for my throat. I can’t deal anymore :/. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. *decides not to tell about her week with all sorts of gorgeous views and yummy food, and without allergies, sneezes, sniffles, etc*

    I remember there was a time when flakie polishes were SO cool! I guess those are just about extinct now with gorgeous flakies like these 🙂

    • Have I ever told you how much I love your sense of humour? :P. I am so jealous. I am STILL sniffling a bit. Can you believe it.

      You know you say that and I am still obsessed with flaky polishes. It’s been really hard for me to get them here and I feel like I got proper flaky polishes and flaky glitter at the same time. I have some gorgeous flaky polishes I need to use.

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