I did Muddy Princess and my nails matched

Hey guys,

Longest week!  I’m not sure if I am still recovering from the craziness that was last weekend or being sick or both but man alive I have spent the whole week exhausted.  I think it is getting better though and I am extremely grateful for that.  How has your week been?

Right, so I have been talking about Muddy Princess for a while now and I said I would tell you all about it and how it went.  Naturally I had nails to match so I will show you that too.  If you don’t know what the Muddy princess is and have no idea what I am on about then you can have a look here.

I was extremely nervous before going.  I wasn’t sure if I was fit enough or strong enough to even consider doing this.  It is something I really wanted to do since last year so I decided to just enjoy the experience and take it as it comes.  I did it with my awesome friend Briget and if it wasn’t for her I don’t think I would’ve had nearly as much fun as I did.  It was hard and I am ridiculously proud of myself – and us – for doing what we did and doing it with B meant we basically laughed, squealed and cheered the WHOLE way through.  There was also a lot of swearing, sweating and struggling.  I will however do it again in a heartbeat.

I walked away a little bruised and battered and I really got into my own head about the stuff I couldn’t do.  Perhaps I still am.  I did however have the best time.  Who knew freezing cold water, mud and obstacles could be this fun when you throw in a fabulous friend.  Did I mention how damn proud I am of myself?  Let me just tell you, the final ‘obstacle’ is a like a giant jumping castle.  I was petrified of the climbing up part and thought the sliding down part would be super fun.  Turns out the sliding down part was the scariest thing EVER!!!  Not to mention the chap at the top hosing you down with ice cold water.  It all just adds to the fun right?  Ok, let me show you my nails for the day.

I did Muddy Princess - and my nails matched

I did Muddy Princess - and my nails matched

If you had a look at anything about Muddy Princess you would’ve noticed the crown is a pretty much everywhere as part of the logo.  Knowing I was going to be crawling through mud and climbing obstacles I wanted to keep my nails simple but still in line with the ‘theme’.  I started with 2 coats of Color Club – Space Case and left that to dry completely.  Of course my camera still has an issue with pink so this is a little more neon barbie pink than the lighter pink it looks here and it is packed with silver and holo glitter.  This glitter get’s layered so well that it doesn’t look like a topper but actually has depth.  Once it was completely dry I used a zig zag vinyl on the tips of my middle and ring finger and used Sinful Colors – Black on black, making sure to remove the vinyls immediately.  I then used a smallish dotting tool and the black polish and made a dot at the peak of each zig zag, closet to the cuticle.  I then placed a little piece of gold glitter on each of these dots to be like jewels in a crown. I topcoated and that was that.

I did Muddy Princess - and my nails matched

What do you think?  In hindsight I wish I had left the glitter off but otherwise I am really quite happy with how the crowns turned out.  I thought it worked really well for the day and wasn’t too over the top or would lead to hooking.  Of course, my nails were a mess by the end of the day but they started cute! Have you done anything like a Muddy Princess before? I’d love to know what you think and how you do it.  I hope you have a fantastic weekend and that your first day of spring is amazing!

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  1. These are cute! And since my nieces saw them I’ve been told I have to do them on their nails… do you know how small a 10 years old nails are?! Please don’t make any more cute designs! Or place a warning at the top so I know I can’t open the post if those little monsters are around 😉 (but really, they look SO cute)

    • Hahahaha I would consider the warning if I didn’t love the niece approval so much :P. It is the coolest thing. I must say these little crowns were so damn easy to do and who would’ve guessed 😀

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