Movie: Just Friends

So we went to see Just Friends last night. Very good movie. It’s really funny and even though movies like this are pretty predictable this one had it’s surprises.

I won’t give too much of the movie away. All I will say is that it is worth a watch. The only thing I didn’t really like was that Ryan Reynolds – who plays the role of Chris Brander – was trying to be Jim Carrey. It’s just my opinion but in certain places in the movie he was trying to be all Ace Ventura / The Mask.

Amy Smart – Who plays the role of Jamie Palamino – is beautiful. That is all I can say about her 😀

Anna Farris – Who plays the role of Samantha James – is a weirdo. Well not really her but Samantha is. Brilliant role!! Funny, crazy and stupid. I like it.

Well I said I am not going to give anything in the movie away. Watch it. Either DVD, cinema or on tv but watch it. It’s good.

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