It’s Monday again….all too soon. Didn’t do much on Saturday. We went to Pinetown and walked around a bit. Came home and ate and spent most of the night watching movies. I was still awake at 4.45 and was able to catch up on all those things I had recorded during the week.

I woke up late Sunday morning and took my dad to his work quickly. Then I chatted for a while and played with Poser. Craig was down for the weekend so we had arranged to meet him and Tamsyn for movies Sunday afternoon.

We went to Musgrave and watched Blood Diamond. What a fantastic movie. It was bloody and cruel and loud but it was fantastic. The only funny/bad thing was Leonardo DiCaprio’s attempt at a South African accent. He got it right every now and then but for most of the movie he sounded like a European. Who ever taught him the accent however, was going for the rough, teen version full of “ja bru” etc. It was quite funny but I think it might spoil it for a few South Africans. I do find it quite funny that they have sub titles for the foreign (African) languages but not for the Afrikaans. That was very interesting and of course some of the things they say in Afrikaans is quite funny.

The movie also has a lot of South African actors in it including Arnold Vosloo, who for once actually plays a South African. Again, it’s a brilliant movie and I would recommend it to anyone.

After the movie we decided to have a bite to eat. Unfortunately Mimmo’s was closed so we went to ‘Mexican Chilli’. Unfortunately I would NOT recommend that anyone goes there. Craig ordered chilli poppers. No more than 5 on the plate. They were greasy and oily and the oil had a strange colour. Willie and I ordered burgers. They weren’t bad enough to get up and walk out or send back but I definitely wouldn’t go there again. Craig had line fish with stir fried vegetables but the vegetables seemed to be deep fried. Tamsyn had ribs and they had like a watery sauce on them. All in all a bad meal. I don’t know if it was because we were there late on a Sunday night or if their food is bad in general but I would definitely not go back there again!!

Today was a long day and seemed like it was never going to end. At least I can catch up on some more recordings 😀

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