Movie: Bridge to Terabithia

Willie and I went to watch this movie and it was extremely good. It wasn’t what I had expected after watching the previews and in the beginning it seems that the story is a bit slow but it becomes clear later. The story is amazing and I walked away thinking about a lot of things. Willie wrote about it on his blog so take a look here 

I can highly recommend this movie even though I would think it is probably aimed at a younger audience. Absolutely fantastic. I agree with Willie about the level of acting these young actors show in this movie and I have seen much older and experienced actors try to do the same. You believe them. They make the story real.

We’ve also recently watched Ghostrider. Excellent movie even though I wouldn’t say the story line is the best part of the movie. Nicolas Cage seems to impress me more with each movie. Very good. The story line wasn’t exceptional but he does raise an interesting question about second chances. I really enjoyed this movie. What I didn’t know, though was that it is a comic!

We also watched Wild Hogs. Oh my goodness, very very funny!! Was quite a combination of actors. John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence and William H Macy. It was very funny. Not the traditional roles for some of these actors but what an experience. It kinda makes me want to jump on a bike and go on a road trip. Without these guys of course as I am sure they are just plain bad luck. Was also very nice to see Marisa Tomei in a movie again. I think she is beautiful and very talented. Even though she isn’t in a lead role she is still very good.

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