The Race


The Race

© By Tammie L. Whitlow

How do you compete in a race someone else has put you in?

If you don’t know the rules, how will you ever win?

Your opponents are often ruthless when the finish line’s in sight.

But just because they’re winning, it doesn’t mean they’re right!

If you win by lies and cheating, should the trophy go to you?

And what about the pain you’ve put others through?

If someone trips on your deception, do you help them to their feet?

Or do you pull out taking the lead, fueled by your deceit?

Will all your bended truths put sharp turns in others way?

And when you give your victory speech, just what will you say?

I don’t know if I can read the false expressions on your face.

But I don’t think it’s winning that counts, it’s how you ran the race

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