Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean


Willie and I have finally upgraded to Platinum Movie Club cards. Yay! So we were able to go the Pirates preview on Tuesday night. We are so used to leaving home 5 minutes before the movie starts as Musgrave Centre is just down the road. Of course we didn’t consider the fact that this movie was a preview therefore fully booked. As I was getting snacks Willie went to check how full it was and it was completely full. Of course by this time there are only seats in the very front left. It was awful. Thank goodness the movie was fantastic. Absolutely made up for the fact that I had a sore neck. Highly recommended movie. It is very good.

Willie and I also went to Microsoft DevDays today at Suncoast. It was excellent. I am so excited about all the new technology out there. Even though I am just starting to learn about everything it was so interesting. I came back today with a whole bunch of stuff I want to play with. Let’s see if I can actually get something to work. I am now going to play with Silverlight.

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